Award winning, made from scratch cocoa, brings unique, delectable flavour to market

on Saturday, 09 July 2016.

Spencer Cocoa

Spencer CocoaSpencer Cocoa is a first generation, family owned and operated chocolate business that has been producing delectable chocolate since 2010. Luke Spencer and his wife, Thea, work together in every aspect of their delicious and growing business. Luke serves as the chocolate maker and peddler, while Thea organises the wrapping, marketing and other aspects of their business. Together, their visions have awarded them Gold from the Melbourne Royal Fine Foods Show in 2015 for their Dark chocolate, and in 2016 for both Dark and Milk chocolate.

Raised on family farms and with a shared partnership for their "Piggy in the Middle" business, cousins Dean and Mason Mayne have a great appreciation and understanding for land, animals and agriculture. The Mayne boys are passionately involved in every aspect of their family owned and operated business, with extended family always lending a helping hand with their generations of farming knowledge, including a weekly, motivational call from their grandfather to ensure that the boys are still working hard.

Spencer Cocoa use chemical free cocoa beans to make their chocolate. Their growers do not use chemicals for production, rather using plantation management and hygiene, such as pruning, and removing any diseased pods, and keeping good airflow in between the trees. All Spencer Chocolate is made from scratch. With a bean to bar method, they do not import ready-made European chocolate and melt it down. The cocoa beans used have been directly traded with a small group of cocoa growing families in Vanuatu.

Spencer Cocoa chocolate is kept deliciously simple. Without additions of fruit and nuts, the unique flavour of its single origins speak for themselves.

“Anyone who has tried more than one single origin chocolate will see they are just as different as trying two wines grown in different vineyards. The cocoa beans change slightly from harvest to harvest too. It's not a mass produced product,” the family stated.

Harvested twice per year, cocoa trees produce a crop in Autumn and Spring, allowing for a new batch of their unique product to be made from scratch every week. These are produced in 20kg micro-batches, leaving their chocolate available to Noosa and consumers all year round!

The Spencer family loves making chocolate, and the business would not be the same without all of their experience behind it. They have worked in the Solomon Islands and later in Vanuatu in 2010, where they met the families from whom they would later buy cocoa. They have found their business to be both rewarding and fun, even highly interesting, and have brought their award winning chocolate to the Noosa Farmer’s market for everyone to enjoy.


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