Sustainable practices make estate winery a success for generations

on Monday, 27 June 2016.

Kingsley Grove Estate

Jo Berry Kingsley Grove Estate profileEstablished in 1998, when the first plantings were made, Kingsley Grove Estate was built straight from the ingenuity and hands of Michael and Patricia Berry. With the estate being family owned and operated, Mike and Patricia have since been joined by their son, Simon, and his wife, Jo, along with their two young daughters who are eagerly waiting to become the third generation to the Kingsley Grove Estate story.

Raised on family farms and with a shared partnership for their "Piggy in the Middle" business, cousins Dean and Mason Mayne have a great appreciation and understanding for land, animals and agriculture. The Mayne boys are passionately involved in every aspect of their family owned and operated business, with extended family always lending a helping hand with their generations of farming knowledge, including a weekly, motivational call from their grandfather to ensure that the boys are still working hard.

The construction of the winery was completed in 2002, allowing the first commercial vintage to be completed that year. The entire infrastructure of the estate was designed and developed to provide a self-sustained vineyard and winery. With two installations of solar panels, utilisation of large run-off areas from roof tops for water catchment, equipped with three damn systems for irrigation, supplemented by a water bore, in addition to using organic fertilisers with an active program of preventative spraying, the Kingsley Grove Estate maintains the utmost respect for both the environment and the quality of their products.

As a true estate winery, growing and using their own grapes native to the estate, the Berry family is able to grow the Kingsley grapes to the exact specifications required to make their delectable wines. Although they have a modern approach to making many of their wines, Kingsley Grove wines respect the French tradition of Terrior in the vineyard. These practices ensure that the wines made from Kingsley Grove express the characteristics of the grapes produced in each vintage, as well as the unique soil geology of the estate vineyard and the weather of that season. This boutique approach to wine-making, in addition to their planned specifications, means each Kingsley Grove vintage is different from the last and is tastefully expressed in their wines. As the only winery in the South Burnett and one of the few in Queensland who make their own sparkling wine in the traditional bottle fermented method, the Kingsley Grove Estate focuses on making wines for the Queensland climate and people. These wines offer a lighter style, perfect for drinking chilled on a warm Queensland day.

For your enjoyment, the Kingsley Grove Estate currently has bottles of their delectable wines available at the Noosa Farmers Markets, including the following: Verdelho 2016, Chardonnay 2014, Semillon 2016, Sweet Berry White, Sweet Berry Red, Tickle, Tingle, Shiraz 2013, Sangiovese Mediterranean Red and Cabernet Sauvignon 2004. These wines can be found at the Noosa Farmer’s Market each Sunday at the Sunshine Coast Farm Foods artisan stall, opposite Maple Muesli.

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